K-COD 200 Self-Service Kiosk


Self-Service Kiosk provides Replacement for Lost or Misplaced Keycards
K-COD 200 24-Hour Solution for Keycards on Demand

The Kaba K-COD 200 is a self-service kiosk that provides temporary keycards for resident unit locks in military housing facilities. Exclusively designed for after-hours requirements, the kiosk operates continuously to dispense a temporary keycard when one is lost or stolen. The unit’s software interfaces with the front desk system to verify the user as a resident within the housing system. Once the user identification is verified, a temporary keycard is encoded and dispensed, and is valid for a preset amount of time.

Designed to encode and dispense temporary keycards for all Kaba MT installations operated by System 6000 software, this new cost-effective unit enables housing facilities to save both administrative time and labor for service charges relating to lost or misplaced keycards.


  • Self-service keycard dispensing
  • ADA design
  • Magnetic stripe keycard support
  • Low card indicator alert via e-mail
  • Retract and retain Feature (for cards not taken by resident)
  • Fixed mounting options
  • Multi-language options
  • 3 year warranty

Custom Programming Capabilities:

  • Name length
  • PIN code length
  • Duration of temporary keycard validity/expiry
  • Option for personal alpha-numeric PIN codes
  • Number of keycards/cycle
  • Tamper-resistant features
  • Number of keycards/person
  • Audit trail

Technical Data


  • 19" Acoustic pulse color touchscreen
  • Durable steel enclosure
  • Smooth-glide rail system
  • Low coercivity magstripe encoder
  • Ventilation/cooling system

Card capacity: 200

Temperature operating range: 32 ºF to 104 ºF

Operating humidity: 20% - 80%

Connection: Standard 10/100 Ethernet

Power: 120V power

Environment: INDOOR applications only


  • K-COD 200 Kiosk Brochure - KAA1276

    K-COD 200 Kiosk Brochure - KAA1276

    The Kaba K-COD 200 encodes and dispenses temporary keycards to replace lost keycards for resident locks in military housing facilities.

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