E-Plex 5870 Series FIPS 201


Kaba E-Plex 5670-5870-5970 Series
E-Plex 5670-5870-5970 Series

Electronic dual credential solution for dual-swing doors, parking gates, glass doors, etc., featuring online-type functionality in a stand-alone, easy-to-install reader housing with keypad—PIN and/or FIPS 201.1 or DESFire Smart card (13.56 MHz). Lock is scheduled to require credentials based on security and convenience requirements. PIN only, Smart card only, PIN + Smart card.


Programming: Locks are programmed simply via keypad using LearnLok Feature without any software, or with optional E-Plex FIPS 201 Software to manage large number of doors and users

Number of Users: 3,000 (per door) with software; 300 in LearnLok mode

Audit Events in Lock: 30,000 Events

Authority Levels (6): Authority levels allow who has access to specific lock operations:

  • Master
  • Manager
  • Access User
  • Guest/Visitor User
  • Service User
  • Maintenance Unit User

Ease of Installation: Simple, easy-to-install reader unit is predrilled for single gang box or wall mounting. Lockable interface controller unit enclosure is predrilled and has knockouts for simple wiring with low voltage connections directly into off-the-shelf power interface units. Product also includes a contact closure, alarm shunt output to interface with new or existing fire alarms and security systems.

Vandal Resistance: Exclusive tamper-switch circuitry in reader housing prevents unauthorized access if unit is attacked or removed from mounting plate. If tamper is detected, the reader unit emits constant bright blue lights and all internal wires other than power are passive until unit is reset. Once reader unit is later reinstalled and/or remotely reset, PIN access is restored.

Technical Data

Construction: Solid cast housing

Indicators: Audible and visual indicators; visual tamper indicator

Operating Range: -31 °F (-35 °C) to 151 °F (66 °C)

Warranty: 3-year warranty from date of installation; built-in warranty counter in memory

Standard Finishes:

  • Satin Chrome 26D (626) housings and levers

    Simplex Satin Chrome Finish - 26D (626)

  • Black (676) housings with Satin Chrome (626) levers and accents

    Simplex Black Finish (676)

Optional Finishes:

  • Bright Brass 03 (605) housings and levers

    Simplex Bright Brass Finish - 03 (605)

  • Satin Brass 04 (606) housings and levers

    Simplex Satin Brass Finish - 04 (606)

  • Bright Chrome 026 (625) housings and levers

    Simplex Bright Chrome Finish - 026 (625)

  • Dark Bronze 744 with brass buttons

    Simplex Dark Bronze Finish - 744 (Simulated 10B-613)