Unicon™ CL Series Multi-Use Cabinet Locks


Unicon™ CL10 - CL20
Unicon™ CL10 - CL20

Safekeeping the contents of your carts, cabinets, drawers or lockers begins with the ability to effectively control, manage and monitor the employees who have been granted authorized access.

The CL20 multi-use cabinet lock is ideally suited for a variety of applications requiring shared access by multiple employees. Authorized users are assigned an exclusive User ID, ensuring control over who is granted access. As a recommended means for additional layer of security, you may require that authorized users select and enter a unique PIN in conjunction with their User ID. 

The CL10 is a keyless alternative for single user, personal storage applications. Individuals select their own 4 - 7 digit programmable access code to operate the lock, eliminating the need to carry keys.

Designed for new or replacement applications, the DL20 door lock is ideal for locations that require access by multiple employees, assigning a unique User ID to each. Control door access to restricted areas and meet compliance requirements with the security and accountability provided by the DL20.

Electronic locks have distinct advantages over their mechanical counterparts. The ability to accept access schedules, supply a listing of active users and store lock activity provides immediate visibility while offering the convenience required to make rapid changes when necessary.



Economical Retrofit
Identical mounting hole patterns as the industry leading products, for ease of replacement in existing applications.

Access Control
Users are assigned a 3-digit user ID and can select a unique 5-digit PIN. Use of PIN is optional, but is suggested for added security.

Access Modes
SINGLE USER: Entering one valid combination required to open lock.
DUAL USER: Entering two valid combinations required to open lock.

Access Schedules
Can be set and maintained at the PC using Unicon™ Series Software and uploaded (transferred) to lock via Dallas iButton key fob.

Key Override
Key override sensor kit allows cabinet key to override lock and allow entry. This will be recorded in the lock audit.

Audit Trail
The user's ID is recorded with date and time stamp each time a function is performed on the lock. This includes both opening and closing events. (Requires Unicon™ CL Series Software.)

Wrong Try Lockout
After five consecutive failed combination attempts, lock disables for three minutes. Additional consecutive failed attempts will result in another three minute penalty after each failed attempt.

Unicon CL Series Software
The Unicon CL Series Software is an integral component of the Unicon CL20 multi-use cabinet lock. While basic lock functions can be performed at the lock without software, maximum convenience and full audit capability can only be achieved once the software has been installed.

For a complete list of options and accessories, please refer to our List Price Book.