ILCO RezShield Software & 79 Lock Series


Kaba Access Control ILCO 790 Contactless Electronic Lock
ILCO 790 Contactless Electronic Lock

RezShield software, combined with Kaba 79 Series Locks, provides optimum safety and security for residents while enhancing operational efficiency and improving the bottom line. Using the latest in contactless RFID read-write technology, Kaba 79 Series Locks offer a high level of security for management and operating convenience for residents. The ergonomic design of the lock requires users to simply present the credential in front of the lock reader to engage the lock. This feature is especially useful for residents in senior living communities with limited mobility and dexterity.

The 79 Lock features an all-in-one style that is ideal for both new construction and retrofit properties. Its robust, tamper-resistant design features a sealed reader and covers holes in doors left from previous deadbolt cutouts.


Software Features

  • User-friendly, intuitive solution protects client investment and simplifies integration with other building systems
  • Reduces material and labor costs associated with rekeying
  • Standard connectivity (Ethernet LAN -TCP/IP) makes it easy to network with existing compatible systems programming functions
  • Resident and employee credentials can be cancelled on an individual basis
  • Time-based access control system includes user-selectable keycard expiration
  • High security key encryption, proprietary and unique to each installation
  • Eight (8) authority levels to enable access controls.
  • Extensive reporting capabilities with a complete system audit trail
  • Eleven (11) lock-access levels for greater key control

Lock Features

  • All-metal, heavy duty locksets
  • One-inch solid metal deadbolt for added protection and privacy (optional automatic deadbolt)
  • Infrared communications link for programming and auditing
  • Mortise, cylindrical, exit device, and remote access controller available
  • Standard mechanical key override
  • Drainage system designed to prevent internal build-up of condensation

Technical Data

Accessibility Standard: ADA compliant levers, RoHS and Shabbat compliant

BHMA/ANSI: Certified to ANSI /BHMA A156.13 mortise locks (Grade 1) and A156.25 electrified locks (Grade 1)

Fire Rating: Meets UL 10C and UL S-104 up to and including three hours on fire-rated doors

Florida Building Code: FL 13061 approved

Standard Finishes:

  • Satin chrome
    Satin Chrome-26D
  • Satin brass
    stain brass-U4
  • Bright brass
    bright brass-U3
  • Bright chrome
    bright chrome-26
  • Satin nickel

    Stain nickel-U15

  • Ultra satin chrome
  • Oil-rubbed bronze
  • Satin Chrome Supreme


MiFARE Keycards, FOBs and Wristbands

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