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Look Before You Leap: Mobile Access Technology for Multihousing

If mobile key usage trends continue as they have in other industries, it is only a matter of time before residents view a smartphone-operated door lock as a “must have” amenity. This white paper offers three important questions multihousing owners and managers should evaluate as they decide if and when mobile access is right for their property.

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Single Door Access Control Solutions for the Healthcare Market

Many hospitals today have instituted access control solutions that integrate with their HR system as well as the CCTV system for patient and provider security. Not every door needs this type of security and it is not cost effective to spend upwards of $2500 per door. This white paper will discuss four areas that hospitals need to consider when implementing access control products.

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How Access Control Can Be a Target Hardening Measure for K-12

School shootings are not a new problem in the United States, and the issue dates back as far as the 1760s when four Lenape American Indians entered a schoolhouse in
Pennsylvania, shot, and killed the schoolmaster and either 9 or 10 children. This white paper will discuss the three areas that K-12 school districts need to consider when implementing security measures.

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