Simplex Mechanical Pushbutton Lock Solutions

Mechanical Pushbutton Locks - Simplex

Simplified security at its best – Simplex. Kaba’s mechanical pushbutton locks offer convenient single code access, eliminating the need to manage keys or access cards. A Made in USA product.

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Kaba Electronic Pushbutton Locks

Electronic Pushbutton Locks - E-Plex

Kaba’s electronic pushbutton locks, E-Plex, provide additional features beyond mechanical pushbutton locks. PIN and/or card access locks allow management to set access schedules and review activity via audit trail. Stand-alone locks and wireless access control systems are available.

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Multihousing Electronic Locks Standard Doors

Electronic Multihousing Locks

Kaba's Electronic Multihousing Lock solutions are designed specifically for the Multihousing markets, including: privatized student housing, market-rate apartments, long-term private and transient military housing, senior-living communities, as well as oil mining camps. These locks provide convenience and increased safety for residents and staff.

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Turnstiles and Gates

Kaba provides turnstile and gate solutions for the admission to buildings, rooms and premises - from uncomplicated access control supervised by reception staff to single-file access in high security areas.

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Hotel Lobby 2-small

Electronic Hotel Locks

Kaba is a leading provider of access control solutions for the lodging market. Kaba offers technologically sophisticated solutions through the ILCO and Saflok brands, and world-class support for hotels. From small scale to high-end, super properties, Kaba has a solution for any access point and budget.

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Vacation Rental Access Control - Oracode

Vacation Rental System

Caring for vacation rental properties can be time consuming when mailing and managing keys for multiple units and owners at several locations. With Kaba’s Oracode Vacation Rental Locks property managers and owners no longer need to worry about keys or cards. A code is sent to the renter and is only valid for their length of stay. Vendors and housekeeping staff can also be managed, allowing for access schedules and audit trail.

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High Security Government Locks

From the Pentagon to United States embassies in far off countries, the US government trusts its sensitive documentation and assets to Kaba’s High Security Locks, such as X-09 and X-10. With over 30,000 locks in the Pentagon alone, rest assured that your secrets are safe with Kaba.

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Safe Locks

Safe Locks

Kaba offers Electronic and Mechanical Safe locks for the OEM, retail, commercial, financial and restaurant industries, plus many more. From a simple dial safe lock, like VisionGard, to the advanced Smart Series system, Kaba has a lock for every size and shape safe in the market.

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Kaba ATM Security Systems - Cencon

ATM Security Systems

The Kaba ATM Cash Vault Security System, Cencon, is designed to combat insider theft from ATMs through the combined use of lock hardware, systems software and Smart Keys™.  The ATM Security System offers total access control and accountability with its One Time Combination™ feature and audit trail. The One Time Combination is dispatched from a central location and cannot be reused at a later date.

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Workforce Management- Terminal for Data Collection

Workforce Solutions

Kaba's workforce management solutions are designed to empower organizations to automate the often time consuming process of tracking employee productivity. Kaba offers B-COMM solution for time tracking, time and labor data collection, and time evaluation. Our data collection terminals support time entry, leave requests, and employee self-service, with an intuitive interface and modern touch screen design.

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Multihousing Locks Specialized Openings Medical Cabinet Lock

Cabinet Locks

The safekeeping of assets in a facility’s carts, cabinets, drawers, or lockers begins with effectively controlling, managing, and monitoring access rights. Kaba offers cabinet lock solutions ranging from a simple pushbutton lock to electronic locks that manage multiple users and provide audit trail reporting.

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E-Plex Enterprise Software offers advanced schedule and access management, along with emergency lockdown and auto passage operational modes.

Access Control Software

Many of Kaba’s locks can be used as a stand-alone solution that does not require software. However, when advanced reporting and management is needed a lock can be upgraded with additional software.

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